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Replacement Windows in Essex

Windows in Essex and London suited to classic & contemporary homes

When you want high-quality products and outstanding customer service – choose Double Glazing Essex. We’ve got over 10 years of continuous trading behind us and have installed many different styles of windows in a variety of materials like uPVC, aluminium and wood. We install windows all across Essex, from Basildon to Brentwood, and Colchester to Southend-on-Sea. We also provide windows to properties in places like London and Kent. If you’re looking for windows from fully-accredited installers who have nearly 15 years of experience and countless happy customers, then look no further.


Simple but effective, casement windows have been a British mainstay for decades thanks to their ability to seamlessly tie in with any style home. Their multi-chamber frames ensure that precious heat is never able to escape, with easy opening and closing making it effortless for living spaces to be well-ventilated.

Residence Collection

Considered to be the industry’s most convincing and authentic timber-effect uPVC system, windows from the Residence collection allow homeowners to enjoy a true sense of ‘history without the hassle’. Once installed, they give off the look and feel of timber without the need for heavy maintenance or infestation risk.

Vertical Sliders

Featuring a sash that slides easily up and down rather than outwards, vertical sliders represent an inherently classic design that provides any home they are installed with a vintage charm. They’re always highly efficient and easy to operate.

Double Glazing & Triple Glazing

All windows we install can be double or triple glazed to help maximise the levels of acoustic and energy efficiency available in the home. Draughts and cold spots will be done away with for good and heating bills further reduced.

Useful Double Glazing Advice

Double-glazed windows for every Essex home

When you choose Double Glazing Essex as your window installer, you unlock a wealth of benefits. From high-performing products to extensive industry experience, excellent customer service, and outstanding professionalism, you’ll soon realise that you made the best choice for your homes quality replacement windows.

Essex’s Window Replacement Company

Replacing windows is important if you want to invest in the long term and add comfort to your home. We offer many types of windows to suit any home. Our windows have top security features and energy ratings so not only will the new windows look good they will keep you secure while helping you with your energy bills.

How much do new double glazed windows cost in Essex?

New and replacement double glazed windows are very reasonably priced. The cost of the double glazed windows will depend on the window styles you choose along with the material they are made of. Please our glazing experts to find out how much your windows could cost.

Should I replace all windows at once?

It is most cost-effective to replace all of your windows at once. This is especially the case if your windows are over 20 years old. New technology means that replacing all outdated windows can save you money in the long run. Older windows can mean you are experiencing heat loss. This will cost you more money on heating bills. New windows can give you energy savings, making it worth replacing all the windows at once in most cases.

Benefits of replacement windows
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Improved energy efficiency
Fully accredited installers
Enhanced aesthetic
Extensive industry experience
Upgraded security
Superior product knowledge
Increased property value
Outstanding customer service
Find out more about our extensive product choice
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